1). How are Data Unions ethically different from Big Tech, seeing as they are trading user data? Yes users can consent, but why get involved in this sordid industry at all

Firstly, consent is a big deal. At the moment, the data broking industry does not work on the basis of informed and overt consent. People are pressured into signing away permissions which are themselves buried on page 34, subsection B of a 62-page contract. It’s fake consent. …

Streamr’s Head of Growth, Shiv Malik recently held an AMA on Data Unions for the GAINS Telegram community. Their questions led to an insightful discussion that we’ve condensed into this blog post.

What is the project about in a few simple sentences?

At Streamr we are building a real-time network for tomorrow’s data economy. It’s a decentralized, peer-to-peer network which…

Free-to-use app gives developers and data scientists rapid insights and easy smart contract integration without needing to establish separate backend infrastructure.

Developers and data scientists working with real-time data will now be able to use an innovative free toolkit to leverage the power of smart contracts with complete ease.

Released today, the Streamr project’s open source app, Core, allows organisations who lack specialist Web3 programming skills to freely experiment with getting…

Modules in the newly developed Firefox plugin, identifying which sites you can gather and sell data from.

Changing the data economy is one of the most urgent conversations people around the globe are having at the moment. Just last month, for example, in this incredibly powerful TED Talk, my former journalistic colleague Carole Cadwalladr, articulated just how dangerously flawed our current data economy is. But these debates…

The opening of the RadicalxChange Conference in Detroit in late March

The way personal data is managed and profited from is a topic that is undoubtedly moving up the political agenda. In February, California’s Governor proposed doling out the proceeds of the information industry with a ‘data dividend’. US Senator Elizabeth Warren has suggested that the government not only break up…

Shiv Malik

CEO of Pool Foundation instigating Data Unions. Author. Broadcaster. Former investigative journalist. Passionate about economics, decentralization & mutualism.

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